12 week training plan to reveal your peak physique!

What People Are Saying

PeterCan't Thank You Enough
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I owe these gains to the greatest personal trainer in all the land! You've consistently tailored my program to keep me challenged, but also motivated. Can't thank you enough... But we're not done yet!
Tamika Justin Has The Skills To Develop A Plan That Actually Worked For Me
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Justin is the best personal trainer! I lost 17 pounds in three months of training and nutrition with him. His perseverance keeps me focused and engaged in a four-day gym routine. He really cares about my personal fitness goals and has the skills to develop a plan that actually worked for me. Highly recommend training with Justin!
MattPrograms Customized To Keep Me In The Best Possible Shape
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Being a New York City firefighter you have to be in the best possible shape to do your job at any given moment. Justin's programs are customized to keep me in the best possible shape to do my job at all times while also helping me lead a healthy lifestyle.
RebeccaYou’re AMAZING!!
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Thank you for your encouragement and push to always do better than I did before. You’re AMAZING!! Woo hoo! Here we go!!!
KevinHere We Go Fitness Has Been Amazing!
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I have been working out in gyms 3 times a week for over 36 years. The improvements I have experienced in muscle growth, balance, posture and overall well-being in just the last year with Justin at Here We Go Fitness have been amazing!
ChristinaI Always Look Forward To Our Workout Sessions
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Here We Go Fitness is AMAZING! I’ve been a member since 2020 and Justin is my personal trainer. Justin is super personable and very knowledgeable. He breaks down each exercise and explains the muscles it impacts. I always look forward to our workout sessions. He helped me build overall strength and created a meal plan just for me. If you need the motivation or people to get you through to your fitness goals, I highly recommend Here We Go Fitness
JeanetteExtremely Knowledgeable In All Areas Of Muscles, Nutrition And All Things Health
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Last summer, I began working out with Coach Justin. I explained my issues with body aches and low energy. He helped me find the right exercises and the right diet to follow to help improve my body and my health. Since starting my fitness workout with him I feel more energetic, almost no body aches as well as looking forward to my workout sessions with him. Coach Justin is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of muscles, nutrition and all things health. I highly recommend Justin to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Bring Out The Best In YOU

“I need to lose weight” is the most common phrase I come across as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Nearly everyone in their life has personally made that statement or knows a friend or family member who has. Sometimes we say it because we want to look better in clothing… or, and let’s get personal here… we say it because we want to look better naked to get that “look” from your special someone. (Here we go!) Others need to lose weight for health reasons or to just feel better. Unfortunately some of us emphasize the negativity and say “I’m too fat,” or they internalize it further and feel ashamed with a lack of self-esteem and positive body image.

If you fit into the above category, here’s my unsolicited advice to you: That stops now. No matter who you are or your current physical condition, you CAN begin TODAY to achieve your peak physique!

Let me try to alleviate any doubt you may have that I’m just selling you the latest weight loss gimmick: I have no magic pill or know the “secret” to weight loss because there isn’t one. There’s no quick fix and there’s no perfect diet. However, there IS a program that works for YOU to achieve your goals. I’ll be direct and up front with you: the concept of weight loss is simple…but it’s not easy. Plus it takes time, patience, hard work, and dedication. You CAN achieve it and YOU have the ability to accomplish it regardless of your skill level. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach that specializes in weight loss. I have developed a comprehensive fitness program that has proven results from genuine clients all over the fitness spectrum. Every training phase and every workout is customized to your goals, abilities, and timeframe to bring out the best in YOU to achieve your best self!

Think of it this way: YOU are the superstar player here. YOU are Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, etc… Every one of those superstar players, yes even MJ, had a great coach to help achieve their ultimate goal – Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, Joe Torre… That’s my role. My promise to you is that I will give you my all and help you get to your very best because you deserve it!!

So if you’re ready, let’s GO! I am your coach and here is the blueprint I will layout, develop, motivate, and guide you with as you conquer the journey to your fitness championship:

* 12 week highly structured training plan to build lean muscle and increase your metabolism to reveal your peak physique! The workouts focus on strength training to not just build muscle mass but to burn body fat and support the metabolic processes for long term fat loss.

* Nutritional program with guidelines rather than rules to emphasize clean wholesome eating to fuel your energy needs at an appropriate level. Food equals energy so we need to eat! But we need to establish an appropriate level of caloric intake and macronutrients to continue to fuel our everyday lives without crashing, starving, or creating unhealthy eating habits.

Schedule your free strategy session today by clicking the button below. HERE…WE…GO!!