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Dumbbell Domination!

Last week I provided a bodyweight HIIT workout routine as a way to get in your aerobic activity and a bit of strength training during the Winter season.  If you missed it and all the benefits behind high intensity interval training, check it out here!  This week I’m doubling down on HIIT and providing a dumbbell workout you can do at home!

Get after this 30 Minute HIIT Dumbbell Circuit!

HIIT Circuit – Dumbbell Style

Perform 12 reps of each of the following exercises consecutively.  Once the circuit is completed, rest 1 minute.  The whole circuit takes about 6 minutes to complete depending on your amount of rest.

Complete 5 circuits for a 30 minute workout perfect for aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance!

Neutral Grip Row
Squat & Press
In & Out Jacks
Glute Bridge Press
Floor Fly
Pullover Crunch

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