Here We Go Fit Kids

Fit Kids Classes Give Our Youth A Sense Of Confidence And Pride!

Our kids and Fit Teen classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of physical fitness as well as building confidence, promoting teamwork, and fostering positive habits.


Exercise technique and improving strength is mixed in with teaching self-discipline and socialization skills. Your child will enjoy:

Physical fitness:

Everyone, including kids, need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence. If you struggle to get your child to be more active, this is a great option. If your teen wants to improve their performance on the field or court, then this is the perfect Summer program!


Kids are properly coached and supervised while working in groups, learning to cooperate with other kids and to show respect for others.


The training floor is all about positivity and confidence, motivating and supporting everyone to achieve their personal goals.


It won’t take long to see progress! A consistent schedule of physical activity will pay dividends in all aspects of your child’s life.

Your child doesn't need to be a superstar athlete or have any experience with fitness to succeed.

At Here We Go Fitness, we seek to develop every child into a champion inside and outside of the gym.

Our Fit Kids & Fit Teen classes are OPEN for enrollment!

Fit Kids Camp:

Ages 7-11. Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am

Fit Teen Camp:

Ages 12-17. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11am.

Today’s The Day

Achieving life-changing results is what we do best.  The hardest step of any fitness journey is always the first step.  We make it easy for you and your kids with no obligations, long term commitments, or complicated roadmaps.  Talk to us today to get the support and expertise to be a stronger, healthier, and happier you.

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