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My name is Justin Yuen and I am a NASM certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and corrective exercise specialist based in NYC.

Most importantly, I am a father to a beautiful girl.  My daily responsibilities are to be a positive role model and active father.  My personal goals include making a difference in my child’s life.  I am driven by a sense of accomplishment and accountability, both for myself and for others.  However, like many new parents however, I never had enough time and energy in the day to work on myself…or really anything for that matter.  As such, my physical and mental health declined to a point where I was not happy with what was staring back at me in the mirror.  I have a long family history of diabetes and its negative effects.  I had to make a choice and take action to invest time and energy into improving my health, otherwise I could be next.  Once I did, I changed my life.  Exercise is not just about lifting weights or sweating.  Exercise is medicine.  When you dedicate time each day to personal improvement, then strength, vitality, and optimal health are your achievements.   It’s a rewarding and fulfilling feeling, which helped influence my decision to become a personal trainer beyond just teaching exercise fundamentals.

“One of the most difficult journeys in life is improving your own self”

I became a personal trainer because I love to help people.  I love to guide and coach others on their journey.  One of the most difficult journeys in life is improving your own self; and you cannot do it alone.  I want to be a part of your journey, go through the daily struggles and challenges, but also celebrate the rewards and accomplishments you achieve along the way.   This is important to me because taking care of yourself is the most important first step in taking care of others.  

I care about my clients and love to see them achieve their goals, from seeing results in the mirror to being confident and positive in their body image.  My history and track record as an elite fitness coach is rooted in achieving clients’ maximal strength gains in various lifts, like the squat or press; or losing belly fat and fitting into clothes they haven’t worn in a decade. I am dedicated to accomplishing your body transformation goals, which, YES; they are achievable, regardless of age or fitness level.

Training & Nutrition In A Safe, Clean, & Positive Atmosphere

Sessions are conducted in a private, safe, clean, well-ventilated secure space eliminating any cross contamination with the public.  Clients do not need to alter workout programs due to “busy gym hours”, or pay membership dues just to use the facility.  Often, clients of personal training either use a commercial gym (which would then be mixing within the general membership population), use a public facility like a park or recreational center, or use a space within their own home (which could either limit exercise variety due to space and equipment or disrupt downstairs landlords or tenants…or both).  At Here We Go Fitness, we utilize a fully renovated structure outfitted with brand new equipment and state of the art technology.  It is small enough to be cleaned and disinfected each time a client uses the facility.  An ultra-clean environment combined with premium equipment guided by a highly certified personal trainer is beneficial when it comes to weight training, functional fitness, and a variety of athletic workouts that are most popular with competitive individuals.  Here We Go Fitness prides itself on being both the client’s personal fitness coach and their professional “garage” gym.

Here We Go Fitness Principles

Proper Fundamentals

Functional athletic training to establish a firm foundation in proper human movement to put you in the best possible position to achieve maximal strength gains and fat loss.

Progressive Programs

Exercise and nutrition programs that are enjoyable, scalable, challenging, and efficient.

Ethical Environment

Positive reinforcement mixed with honesty and accountability in a safe and clean environment.

Achievable Goals

Structured workout challenges to help visualize and solidify the progress you make toward achieving your overall goals.

These principles continuously evolve both to engage you on a weekly basis and to work within your schedule.  I teach clients as much as I train.  I am detailed and attentive to your personal fitness journey.  I am passionate about achieving new strength gains; solving pain issues and postural imbalances; and increasing self esteem, body image, functional mobility, cardiovascular health, and athletic performance.

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