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Here’s another fun fact: good health and fat loss can be achieved by any number of diets!  There is no one particular diet that is more beneficial than the others.  Whether you choose a low carb diet, or low fat, or keto, paleo, south beach, mediterranean or intermittent fasting; the best diet plan to use is the one that YOU can stick with.  Personal preferences, personal response, and individual goals should guide which diet would be most beneficial.

Following these principles will help you achieve the big fundamental: Calories In < Calories Out.  Pair this with routine exercise and you’ll be tipping the scales in your favor!

Of course, anyone who has struggled with their weight for a long time will tell you that this STILL sounds too simple.  They’d be right in the sense that there’s stress, hormones, genetics, certain aspects of the American food supply chain, and just LIFE that gets in the way of achieving your ideal body weight.  That’s why a good fitness plan centered around healthy diet options with progressive exercise tailored to YOU will always be your best weapon to avoid any calorie traps and to achieve your best self.

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