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Improve total body strength and core conditioning with this 30 day dumbbells only workout program!  The premise is simple: complete a list of exercises for 30 reps for 30 straight days.  Each of the daily workouts are constructed utilizing supersets or full body circuits to make every rep and every minute count.  This equates to more volume of work in less amount of time.  Plus more muscles used means more calories burned and more gains in strength.

Program Description:

You’ll be targeting your body’s major muscle groups to improve muscular strength and conditioning. There will be a heavy emphasis on exercises that target your fundamental movement patterns to combine strength training with improvements for posture, joint mobility, and flexibility.  The 7 movements are the squat, the hip hinge (deadlift), the lunge, upper body push, upper body pull, rotation, and gait (locomotion).  Doing so will maximize the benefits of full body strength training while increasing your calorie burn! 

Each day’s workout will either have 2-3 supersets or a full body circuit to perform. Supersets are two exercises performed back to back before resting. For example, one day you’ll be assigned 15 reps of a squat followed by 15 reps of a chest press. That’s one set, or “superset.” You’ll be assigned to complete two of those particular supersets for a total of 30 reps before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  A “circuit” is a list of exercises you will perform in succession before resting. Typically, you will be assigned 3 rounds of the circuit. The concept is the same as the superset.

To keep our bodies fresh, one day a week will be dedicated to stretching and flexibility!

So grab those dumbbells and let’s get after it!  $30 to sign up, that’s just $1 a day to get in shape!


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