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Ladder Workouts!

Ladder Workout – Dumbbell Style!

 A “ladder” style workout is a quick but efficient way to stimulate muscle growth using high intensity and volume.  It was a popular workout choice during the pandemic when access to equipment was limited. It’s just as useful today for anyone looking to maximize time and effort when working out at home or on vacation.

Here’s how to execute:  Perform a pair (or more) of exercises in a series of ascending or descending reps.  For example, perform 10 reps of a squat followed by 10 reps of a pushup, then rest.  Then perform 9 reps of each, then rest.  Perform 8 reps of each, then rest.  Go all the way down to 1 rep of each and that’s one ladder set.  The rest periods are specific and also reduce in time as you get to the next wrung of the ladder.  

So in effect:

10 reps Squat; 10 reps Push-up; 50 seconds of rest…
9 reps Squat; 9 reps Push-up; 45 seconds of rest…
8 reps Squat; 8 reps Push-up; 40 seconds of rest…
7 reps Squat; 7 reps Push-up; 35 seconds of rest…
6 reps Squat; 6 reps Push-up; 30 seconds of rest…
5 reps Squat; 5 reps Push-up; 25 seconds of rest…
4 reps Squat; 4 reps Push-up; 20 seconds of rest…
3 reps Squat; 3 reps Push-up; 15 seconds of rest…
2 reps Squat; 2 reps Push-up; 10 seconds of rest…
1 reps Squat; 1 reps Push-up; 5 seconds of rest!  HOORAY!

Ladders work well because you can complete more repetitions of an exercise at a given weight than you would typically be able to do in a given session.  This greater amount of work equates to a greater amount of volume on your muscles, which is the key to sparking muscle growth.  The short rest periods and high intensity make it an efficient calorie burner in the time allotted, a win-win situation!

Ladder Workout – Bodyweight Style!

Try These Workouts!

Try the above formatted workout utilizing the following bodyweight exercises if you’re working out at home:
Prisoner Squat


Try this dumbbell only workout if you have access to a pair of dumbbells. Choose one or two of these exercises, or all of them for an intense workout!
Goblet Squat
Bent Over Row
Dumbbell Press
Overhead Press

For more customized ladder style workouts that match your gym space and access to equipment, reach out to me below!

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