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The Triple 7 Rule

Everyone who receives this newsletter has personal fitness goals or has at least expressed some interest in improving their health and wellness.  Most people have goals to reduce body fat or build muscle.  Others want to be healthier and live a more fulfilling active life.

The foundation for any fitness or wellness goal is to walk, drink water, and get sleep.  Focus on these three vital aspects of your life and you will absolutely look better, feel better and perform better. It’s more beneficial than any nutritional plan or supplement you can take and it’s all FREE.

There’s a simple formula you can utilize to achieve this golden rule to optimal health and fitness.  It’s called the Triple 7 rule and is something I recommend for everyone.

7 hours of sleep
7 cups of water
7,000 steps

Aim to achieve the Triple 7 every day.  If weight loss is your goal, the foundation to your program is the Triple 7 rule.  Same for building muscle, reducing aches and pains, living healthier, and living longer.  I promise you that no supplement can guarantee you the results you want better than doing the above.  Proper nutrition and exercise is no doubt the game plan to achieve your goals, but if you do not have the Triple 7 in place as your foundation, then it will certainly take a lot longer to get there.

If you’re currently only drinking 1 cup of water (8 oz) per day, aim to achieve two cups per day, and then three the next.  Build yourself up to the magic number 7.  Same for sleep and for steps per day.  If you only get in 4,000 steps per day, then aim for 4,500 this week, 5,000 the next week.  Set mini-goals to get you to the larger goal.  The overall process is where you will find success!

The best way to know if you’re on track is to monitor yourself with a smartwatch, phone, or you can use the Here We Go Fitness app!

I have already discussed the numerous benefits of hydration, as well as the benefits of walking.  As for sleep, one of the very best things you can do for overall health and proper body composition is to get adequate sleep.  There are numerous studies proving that over a 6 year span, people who get less than 7 hours of sleep gain weight twice as much over those who get 7 hours.  If you sleep less than 7 hours, you are at much higher risk for conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke.  To help you sleep, establish a pre-sleep routine.  For example, prepare yourself for sleep by shutting off electronics, cut off any eating or drinking at least a couple hours before bed, and keep your bedroom cool.  (I don’t get adequate sleep so this health aspect is my particular focus).

Some commonly asked questions:
Is 10,000 steps a day better than 7,000? 
Should I drink more ounces of water per day if I’m very active?

Sure, every single person has individual nuances to this rule based on a whole host of factors (which is why it’s great to work with a personal trainer/fitness coach………HI!), but if you can achieve this Triple 7 baseline, then you’re in an excellent position!

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